About Spareparts-shop.ie

Since its establishment, it has always been the objective of Spareparts-shop.ie to be an easy-to-use web shop with spare parts for repair businesses, end users, and manufacturers.

The web shop makes it possible for visitors to search for and order themselves the spare parts they require. In addition, Spareparts-shop.ie always offers assistance in finding exactly that spare part that you are looking for. The various request forms in the web shop and the easily accessible and expert (telephonic) customer service serve that purpose.

It all began with spare parts for forklift trucks and pallet trucks. In the span of a few years, the range of products offered expanded further into parts for combustion engines, agricultural tractors, trailers, and loading ramps. Almost logically, it now also includes a complete range of universal technical items, such as ball bearings, lighting, and maintenance products.

The range of products is expanding at an accelerating pace. In 2013, a very comprehensive online parts programme was launched for sweepers and wet-scrubbing machines, for instance. In that same year, we also added parts for the various earth-moving machines.

However, the way we do business in a straightforward and agreeable manner and delivery within 2 working days have never changed.

We gladly offer an optimal service. We therefore deem direct contact with our customers to be paramount and fun. Therefore, feel free to call or mail us when you have questions or comments.

Kind Regards,
Marco Haakman