seats mini excavators and shovel

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  • 360030B
    seat mechanical spring-suspended
    seat mechanical spring-suspended
    fully suspended, 50 mm suspension stroke, backrest tilting in small steps and foldable, fore and aft..
    Price excl. VAT: €249.00
    Incl. VAT €249.00
  • OB12A
    seat, vinyl
    seat, vinyl
    universal seat, suspension seat with slide rails, with back rest and weight adjustment. Used for for..
    Price excl. VAT: €75.00
    Incl. VAT €75.00
  • OB14A
    seat,  suspended
    seat, suspended
    Including microcontact and retractable belt. Adjustable backrest. Complete with adjustable mounting ..
    Price excl. VAT: €282.00
    Incl. VAT €282.00
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