Whether you are looking for a complete forklift seat, loose cushions or spare parts for forklift seats at Spareparts-shop, you will find the item you are looking for. But did you know that there are also, for example, many chairs for shovels, transportable forklifts, agricultural tractors, rough terrain forklifts, reach trucks in our webshop? Whether it should be a simple cheap forklift chair or a comfortable chair in which the driver can sit for 8 hours every day without any problems, you will find it at Spareparts-shop.

Seats and cushions for forklifts and reach trucks

The seats used on forklifts and reach trucks are the most intensively used seats. After all, more than other vehicles, they are used very frequently for mounting and dismounting and relatively little driving. As with other vehicles, despite the low driving speed, forklift truck seats should have good suspension for protection and for the comfort of the forklift or reach truck driver.
After all, the lack of suspension on the vehicle and the relatively small often solid tyres, lead to a lot of unhealthy vibrations for drivers.

Action seats for lift trucks

The article group popular forklift chairs includes 3 forklift chairs that are frequently bought by our customers. The very attractive price of our economy forklift chair OB12 is the choice of many companies that use their forklift only infrequently. Both other popular forklift chairs stand out with good seating comfort, solid construction and attractive price.

Suspension seat

These standard sprung seats are mechanically sprung seats for forklifts. The various models are similar to the seats fitted by forklift manufacturers themselves. These seats can be fully customised to the forklift driver with the various options available. These include armrests, fabric covers, back extensions, turntables, etc..

Non-suspension seat 

These non-suspension seats are used on the oldest models of lift trucks. With such a non-suspension seat, an oldtimer forklift remains in original condition. Nevertheless, unfeathered seats are regularly used for other purposes as well. The compact construction and the possibility on some models to fold down the backrest or to tilt the entire seat make them suitable for other applications.

Narrow seat

The narrow seats are suitable for many reach trucks. These reach truck seats are characterised by a narrow construction. This is necessary due to the limited installation space at the transverse driver's seat on a reach truck. Nevertheless, these reach truck seats are also sprung and provide the reach truck driver with sufficient comfort. 

Seat pan

These seat pans are commonly used on vehicles that are used only briefly or at very low speeds. For example, a seat pan is often mounted on truck-mounted forklift trucks, or on the loading crane of trucks. You also see many seat pans on planting machines and harvesting machines in horticulture where work is done manually. 

Cushion for lift truck seats

The frequent mounting and dismounting on forklifts and reach trucks results in the seat cushions in particular being subjected to heavy loads. Worn upholstery and loss of seat shape make seat cushions have the shortest lifespan. The webshop therefore offers loose seat cushions for most forklift and reach truck chairs. Of course, we can also supply back cushions and other spare parts such as armrests, back extensions and gas springs, etc.