bodywork used for Caterpillar forklifts

For the bodywork of your Caterpillar fork lift truck, at the Spareparts-shop, many replacement parts are available. Everything that was installed on the outside of your fork lift truck, can surely get damaged when being used.
That is why we offer the following replacement (spare) parts for Caterpillar fork lift trucks:
-pedal pad, mirror, mud guard, seat For cabins
-latch, sun sreeens, heaters, cab glass, wiper motors, gas springs

Many of these spare parts are installed on multiple fork lift truck brands. The bodywork-parts, which are particularly suitable for Caterpillar fork lift trucks are here for you in the web shop or can be offered, for your specific Caterpillar fork lift truck, on request.

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  • CA11001
    interior doorlock
    interior doorlock
    interior doorlock used for Caterpillar forklift truck..
    Price excl. VAT: €54.20
    Incl. VAT €54.20
  • CA11003
    pedal pad
    pedal pad
    pedal pad with dimensions L1-L2-H-L3 = 73mm-105mm-17-5mm, used for Caterpillar forklift trucks ..
    Price excl. VAT: €21.40
    Incl. VAT €21.40
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