universal lifttruckparts

Universal forkliftparts: battery connectors for your electric forklift, pallet truck or stacker can be found here in the webshop. Just like many other spare parts for your forklift and warehouse trucks such as switches, mast bearings, lifting chains, LPG parts, seats, mirrors and loading forks.

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Classification of lift truck parts

Forklift parts can be subdivided in several ways.

(a) The application of the forklift part

Brand-specific parts These forklift truck parts are only suitable for a specific brand of forklift truck. 
Think, for example, of a master brake cylinder for a Toyota forklift truck or a mast bearing for a Still forklift truck

Universal forklift parts These parts are fitted to many different brands of forklift trucks.
For example, think wiper motors, battery plugs, forklift tyres, forklift seats. We often sell these spare parts under our own house brand Partenzo.

(b) The manufacturer of the forklift part

OEM parts
Forklift parts made by a forklift manufacturer or forklift manufacturers who outsource the production of a part.

Replacement parts manufacturers
There are manufacturers who specialise in producing spare parts for lift trucks. These can be either branded or universal forklift parts.
Examples include manufacturers of cab parts, mirrors but also wheel brake cylinders and steering parts. We often sell these spare parts under our own house brand Partenzo.

Specialised A-manufacturers
Usually multinationals that are market leaders for a certain product line that are also used on forklifts.
Well-known examples are Bosch for hydraulic pumps, Trelleborg for forklift tyres, Grammer for forklift seats, Rema for forklift plugs.

Forklift truck parts at Spareparts-shop

In the webshop of Spareparts-shop the forklift parts are categorised by forklift brand as much as possible.  Universal forklift parts, spare parts that can therefore be applied to several brands, can be found in the webshop in the article group universal forklift parts. These spare parts are easy to find by, for example, size (e.g. lift chains) or because the specifications are listed on the part itself (e.g. forklift tyres).