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All wear parts for work platforms, telescopic boom lifts, and scissor lifts can be found here in the web shop.

The spare parts for work platforms suitable for the many used brands like JLG, MEC, Genie, Grove, Haulotte, Skyjack, Snorkel and UpRight are sorted by manufacturer.
These replacement parts can also be found via the OEM item numbers.
We can also provide you with work platform parts from (nearly) all other manufacturers of platforms and scissor lifts.

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Spare parts for aerial work platforms and scissor lifts are sold by Spareparts-Shop, but what are the differences between these machines?

Aerial work platforms and scissor lifts are both machines used for work at height. 
An aerial work platform is a machine with a telescopic arm or an arm that can be folded out to raise the working platform to a certain height. 
A scissor lift has a work platform suspended from two articulated arms, which can be folded out to give access to hard-to-reach areas. 
Aerial work platforms are often larger and have greater reach than scissor lifts, but scissor lifts are often more manoeuvrable and suitable for smaller spaces.

Buy aerial platform parts and scissor lift parts

Regular inspection, maintenance and professional repairs are essential for safe operation and a long service life of aerial work platforms and scissor lifts.
When buying spare parts for work platforms, make sure the spare part is suitable for your specific model.
At your request, we will look for the spare part you are looking for for your aerial work platform or scissor lift, based on the manufacturer's specifications.

Maintenance and repair of aerial platforms and scissor lifts

Aerial work platforms and scissor lifts are widely used machines that are often used in construction and industrial environments. Due to their intensive use, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and repairs on these machines. Common inspections and maintenance and repairs include electrical components, tyres and wheels, filters and, in the case of fuel engines, the fuel system. Safety parts are also often inspected and replaced during repairs to aerial work platforms and scissor lifts. Regular maintenance and repairs ensure that AWPs can be used safely and efficiently.

Repair and maintenance parts of aerial platforms and scissor lifts

The following components of aerial work platforms and scissor lifts are sensitive to wear and defects:

operating controls -switches and joysticks
battery chargers - built-in chargers
hydraulics - hoses and hydraulic motors
electric motors -both travel motors and drive motors
printed circuit boards - of the various controls
wheels -steering wheels and drive wheels of scissor lifts
tyres of aerial platforms
filters -of hydraulic systems and engine oil and fuel filters of internal combustion engines