wheels pallettrucks

The choice of material of your electrical pallet truck, stacker, or orderpicker wheels affects its usability and user comfort.
Use the overview to select the most suitable material for the tread of your drive wheels, steering wheels, pallet rollers, or support wheels:

Nylon:  wear resistant, leaves no streaks, low rolling resistance, high chemical resistance, jerky, noisy
 * suitable for smooth, flat floors
Full rubber: soft and therefore less slippage and vibration, low noise, wear sensitive, chance of streaks on floor, higher rolling resistance
 * suitable for rough, uneven floors
Vulkollan®: high load capacity, wear resistant, streak-free, shock-absorbent
 * suitable for hard floors
Polyurethane:  low rolling resistance, smooth running, chemical resistance, wear resistant, streak-free
* suitable for hard floors

For questions about selecting the right wheel for your circumstances, please feel free to contact us.