Aichi aerial equipment

Looking for parts for your Aichi boom lift or scissor lift?  Whether it’s a joystick, wheel, contactor, keyswitch  or lift pump, we can supply you.
We provide spare parts suitable for all types of  Aichi equipment. 

Please, complete a request forme-mail us, or call us 01253 928019.
To quickly receive a quote, please mention the model and serial number of your Aichi machine. On business days, you will usually receive a clear quote with a photo or parts drawing from us within a few hours.

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Names, descriptions, manufacturer’s item numbers, or brands of material are provided only for reference and description purposes. In no way does this signify that these parts are original parts from the manufacturer in question.

What types of work platforms does Aichi supply?

The Aichi brand mainly distinguishes itself with tracked work platforms, which are very suitable for use in places that are difficult to access. You therefore see them a lot in new-build industrial buildings and installations, for example. 
Aichi also supplies wheeled work platforms and scissor lifts, specialising more in the larger and heavier models.

Buying spare parts for your Aichi work platform

For a number of Aichi tracked undercarriages, Spareparts-shop can supply you with the replacement undercarriage parts. Furthermore, we can offer you a help with many different replacement parts for Aichi aerial work platforms and scissor lifts.

Do you need spare parts for your Aichi aerial platform?

Send us a picture of the type plate of your Aichi aerial platform or scissor lift and specify which spare part you need.
We will then send you a no-obligation quote with a picture of the spare part.