engine parts

The spare parts for diesel and petrol engines are listed in our web shop by brand and type of engine. These engines are often applied in lift trucks, generators, aerial equipment, tractors, shovels and diggers. For example think of the brands Perkins, Deutz, Isuzu, GM, Kubota, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Yanmar engines.

For all diesel or petrol engines, the prices of all spare parts can be requested via the web shop. Engine parts such as:  piston, sleeve, ring set, intake valve, exhaust valve, main bearing set, thrust washer set, piston pin, camshaft, overhaul gasket kit, cylinder head gasket kit, valve cover, stud, oil pump, waterpump, chain tensioner, oil filter, glow plug, nozzle, spark plug etc.

Furthermore, many engine parts that are not brand specific, such as for the exhaust system, cooling system, and fuel system are available, and there is a wide range of oil filters and air filters available.